About Us

About Us

History of Child Development Inc.

The Company began in 1969 with two divisions: private preschools named Green Valley and an educational materials development project named Learning Achievement Corporation. Over the next decade, Learning Achievement Corporation dissolved, and the Green Valley Preschools were folded into a larger company called Child Development Centers.

When the California State Department of Education (SDE) started contracting with agencies in 1976 to serve qualifying lower income families in early education programs, Child Development Inc. began contracting with SDE to serve Santa Clara County through Alternative Payment Programs. In addition, Child Development Inc. is a support services company that provides administrative and program services to early education, childcare companies and programs.

Today, Child Development Inc. has two divisions: Choices for Children and STEMquest.

Choices for Children, an Alternative Payment Program, employs about twenty counselors and support staff who serve the families of approximately 2,000 children. Families qualify for services and are assisted in choosing a child care provider that meets their families’ needs. Support services are provided to parents who need assistance in selecting a provider or who need other services for their children. Choices for Children (CFC) has provided innovative childcare solutions to support children, families, and childcare providers since 1976 in Santa Clara County.

Choices for Children’s mission is to enrich children’s lives through innovative support, education and enhanced family and provider services. Our programs put families at the center of a community of support services.

STEMquest is an enrichment program that offers Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Students explore various topics such as coding, robotics, film making, and many others, learning not only about these subjects, but also gaining important life skills in collaboration, leadership, and problem solving.

STEMquest’s mission is to provide focused Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities to elementary and middle school students throughout California. We see STEM as an engaging path to learning life skills and developing the interpersonal qualities needed for every student’s future. Child Development Inc’s mission is to serve children and their families with high quality programs that enhance and improve their lives.

Our Values

Innovation and Courage

In order to build successful programs, we must:

  • Be innovative and have the freedom to take risks.
  • Be flexible and willing to do things that are beyond the scope of our job descriptions.
  • Truth and Honesty

In order to build strong teams, we must:

  • Communicate with honesty, directness, transparency and clarity.
  • Take responsibility for creating a workplace where we support and respect each other and have fun together.
  • Know how important we each are to the success of the team and the Company.
  • Express our opinions and listen carefully to each other.
  • Integrity and Trust

In order to build trust, we must:

  • Practice fairness.
  • Be curious without judgment.
  • Give each other the benefit of the doubt.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Commitment to families and children

In order to enhance families and children’s lives we must:

  • Put families and children first in all decisions that affect them.
  • Surround our children with the support of adults who have their best interest in mind.
  • Provide programs that will meet the needs of the families and help children develop their interest, skills and confidence