Eligibility for the Subsidized Child Care program is determined by guidelines set by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Santa Clara County Pilot Program, and The Title 5 Providers/Local Child Care Planning Council. Parents must meet income requirements and have a need for child care while they work, look for employment, attend training or participate in CalWORKs activities. Parents who are incapacitated, who have children at risk of abuse or neglect, or have children with special needs may also be eligible. Choices for Children is a parental choice child care subsidy program. Parents have the choice to choose any public or private licensed registered or exempt child care providers in the county.

Maximum gross monthly family income eligible chart:
*Please include note it starts July 1, 2024

Family size 1-2 345678910
Maximum Gross Monthly Income6,5957,4728,71210,10611,50011,76112,02312,28412,545


Need help paying for child care:

Choices for Children offers the following child care subsidy programs:

California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP):

The family must be income eligible and children must be under 13 years of age or have exceptional needs.

First Priority: Families whose children are receiving child protective services or families whose children are at risk of neglect, abuse, or exploitation shall be admitted first. Within this priority, a current referral letter from a legally qualified professional verifying the need for child care must be on file.

Second Priority: All children and families who are not within the first priority for admission shall be admitted in accordance with family income, with the lowest income ranked families admitted first. For purposes of determining the order of admission, public assistance grants are counted as income. When two (2) or more families have the same income ranking the family that has a child with exceptional needs shall be admitted first. If there are no families of the same income ranking with an exceptional needs child, the family who has been on the eligibility list the longest shall be admitted first.

CalWORKs Stage 2:

The family remains eligible for up to 24 months after the parent is no longer receiving cash-aid as long as the family is income eligible. Children must be under 13 years of age or have exceptional needs.

Contact us if you have received cash-aid within the last 24 months and you are working, seeking employment or enrolled in vocational training and you are income eligible.

CalWORKs Stage 3:

The parent is enrolled in CalWORKs Stage 2 and has timed out from 24 months of eligibility for child care. Children must be under 13 years of age or have exceptional needs.

For additional enrollment information, contact us at (408)297-3295 or email waitlist@cfcscc.org